Now that you’re in college, do you ever miss school? Do you miss life sans stress? Do you miss fearless living and joyful giving? In a nutshell, person, do you miss your childhood? Hah. We sure love the independence our 18th birthday has given us. But we’ve all changed a lot as people. Let’s introspect. What have we become? We’re all trying to become the Usain Bolts of this rat race called life. Ready to bring down anybody who’s up against us. Yes that’s true. Who knows? The girl you made fun of for being boring cried herself to sleep last night. The boy you accuse of being selfish has hardly anything he wants? You and me have tuned ourselves to make a Wiki Page of a person in our brain within just a few minutes of knowing them. Somewhere at the end of the day, we are really not the person we we’re pretending to be. We have these pretty masks on. 10 years back they taught us it is a sin to lie. Today, they and us, all lie. And lie good! You want your friend to do good, but there’s a little pinch when they do best! So? Amidst all this glorious confusion, are we becoming bad people? Selfish people? Liars? Back biters? Or wait, a very little of everything? We sure are. But that’s no wrong. The world is like that. It won’t spare you any mercy. We all did try being our 100% best. But it did us the same good as any other. Sometimes, a little less. Probably there’s a fault in the world mechanism. And changing that from the roots would be the toughest task. All we can do is try to be a little more understanding and a little less judgemental maybe. A little more giving and a little less asking maybe. A little more gold and a little less goldplated maybe.

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